Thursday, June 26, 2008

10 days..

Hola everyone, i'm back.

today is my 10th day in this company called LASB. it is my 1st official company since i finished my study in MMU last month, yeay!

so, i prefer to call it as a NEW start for me.. and this is my new blogpost, in a new environment, and of course with a new spirit to move on and see what the world have to offer me. Past is past, things happens with a reason (yea i got that), and so..lets move on.

for this new blogpost, let me just brief a little bit bout LASB:

  • it's located in Desa Pandan
  • its core business is in logistics, (transportation of general, heavy and oversized cargo, ala korang tau la kan, yg gune trailer panjang2 tu, crane pe smuer)
  • there are 25 staffs, only 4 female (and guess what.. i'm the oldest GIRL haHahaHa, klakar ke?)
  • everyone is friendly+nice+kind
  • ok la so far.. juz O.K.

it's a 3 months probation period (but then i already have my own business card, duhh :p)

so.. we'll see. i'll update more stories/controversy (in this office) soon. Till then ;)

+++ chikass!!!!korangg smuerrr..! aku rinduuuuu isk isk isk